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I design for the famous. You know, the woman who has spent a lifetime dedicated to her studies, her family and her dream. The famous woman we all know who volunteers her free time, works a double shift, cares for the less fortunate, elderly and anyone who crosses her path. Yes….those famous women. I designed ready to wear for many years and found that the lack of connection to the customer felt odd. I love couture for this reason; where I can relish in sharing my love for beautiful textiles and translating their nature to sculpt around the human form. If you’re involved with your life, you will understand my passion for design. My designs adorn the woman who’s insouciance for ‘what’s hot’ is relevant to me. Understanding and establishing the individual style of my client is a large focus of how I design. My clients have worn my designs on the red carpet, down the bridal aisle, attending conferences and to their kid’s school musical… every occasion and around the globe in everyday life.

Couture is about you really. The special textiles, the fit and the service that you deserve.

The facts about me:
Profile: Kathleen Todoruk
What  I know for sure: BSc. HEc. (University of Alberta)
Where to find my atelier: Mercer Warehouse (Edmonton, Canada) – best by appointment, but drop by if you’re in the neighbourhood
My weakness: exclusive textiles and chocolate

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